Pliers to the Rescue

Today I’ve been working on items for our fall window display. I was looking forward to completing a cute crocheted pumpkin that has been waiting to be stuffed for nearly a week now (I finally remembered to bring in my Polyfil from home!). When the pumpkin is stuffed and finished off the last step is to thread the long tail of yarn through the centre, out the bottom, and back around to the top in order to make sections or ridges on the pumpkin. I’ve used this technique before to make bell peppers and it works really well. But today I learned an important lesson. A pumpkin, being much larger than a bell pepper, is much more difficult to thread a needle through. So difficult in fact that the needle is now lodged in the centre of my pumpkin. I’ll be bringing it home with me tonight to see if a pair of pliers can’t rescue it.

Beyond laughing at myself there’s not much more to be done with my pumpkin at the moment, but it reminded me why I love crafting so much. There are always unexpected surprises and new things to learn. I would never have expected to use pliers to crochet something, but here I am! May your craft projects always bring you joy (and laughter!).

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